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Spring/Summer Sale

Le Monde Hotel Edinburgh Spring/Summer Sale

Looking to host a special event? The Le Monde Hotel, Spring/Summer Sale has you covered!
Dirty Martini

Book our fully private Dirty Martini from £50 for room hire, and a complimentary buffet as part of Le Monde Hotel Edinburgh Spring/Summer Sale.

This space oozes luxury with its Parisian-style décor, fully private bar with private bar tenders, full PA sound system, and projector. The space is also equipped with lifts and private toilets reserved for you and your guests only.

Celebrations are an essential part of our lives, serving as a way to mark significant events, milestones, and achievements. They bring people together, fostering a sense of community and connection. By acknowledging and celebrating our accomplishments, we reinforce our sense of purpose and identity, giving us a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Additionally, celebrations provide a much-needed break from the routine of daily life, allowing us to relax, recharge, and have fun. They also offer a chance to reflect on our journey, appreciate the people who have supported us, and look forward to the future with optimism and excitement. Ultimately, celebrations remind us that life is meant to be enjoyed, and that every moment is worth celebrating.

This space is suitable for up to 200 people and is perfect for intimate get-togethers and large celebrations. Whether you are looking to host a baby shower or an engagement party, Dirty Martini has the flexibility and space to host all event types.

Book for any date in June, July, or August (subject to availability) and receive a complimentary buffet.

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